Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Old

There's a great episode of How I Met Your Mother in which the characters talk about things they're too old for, known as the Murtaugh list, named for the character from Lethal Weapon who would always claim that he's "too old for this shit." I've been finding lately that my own Murtaugh list has been growing faster than I'd like. Obviously everyone constantly encounters things they have become too old for from as far back as you can remember; things like sleeping in a crib, camping in your own backyard, or not bathing daily. While it may have been sad or a nuisance to give those things up, they felt like a part of growing up. The difference with a lot of what I'm finding now (though not all of it), is that it feels like a part of growing old.

For example, I can't stay up all night any more. I used to do this in high school all the time on weekends; I would play video games with my friends literally all Saturday night, then stay up all day Sunday, and 8 hours of sleep Sunday night would leave me rested and refreshed Monday morning. During my undergraduate, I'd do this sometimes to work on essays, but I'd do so with heavy amounts of Red Bull and coffee. These days, while I can still function on minimal sleep, if I don't get 7 hours of sleep I feel it by the evening, and a few days straight of 5-6 hours per night and I'm toast. I don't drink energy drinks anymore, and I drink a lot of coffee just to get me through days as it is, so I don't have a lot of wiggle room there either. I guess I'm just too old for that shit.

I'm also too old to sleep on the floor. When I was in high school I would regularly crash on a friend's floor with a couple of cushions and a pillow, and I would wake up feeling fine. Now, if I do that my body will hate me the entire next day. Similarly, I feel work outs the next day, which I never did when I was younger, and I have nagging pains that stick with me for hours after I go for a run that I never would have felt a few years back. I even find myself feeling it far more the next day if I go out drinking than I ever did in my undergrad days. My body just doesn't bounce back the way it used to.

When I was younger, I could also eat as much sugar, or rich food as I want. Now, after a few cookies or chocolates I have to stop, or it will turn my stomach. I can't eat sugary stuff for breakfast, which has actually been the case since I was in high school, and more and more I find it just doesn't appeal much to me anymore. This is probably a good thing, as I certainly don't need to up my calorie intake as it is, but sometimes I do miss being able to load up on brie soup or trifle, and not feel like throwing up halfway through.

There are a lot more, both big and little things, and I'm sure I'll probably write about this again. I'm only 24, but getting old sucks.

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