Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Home Alone

My parents come back tonight after spending 10 days in Cuba. With my brother spending most of that time staying with his girlfriend at Glendon, I was living alone for most of that time.

While I like my family, and get along with them pretty well, I still enjoyed the break. Being able to do everything on my own schedule without ever needing to explain myself or worry about how I might be impacting others is nice for a while. Still, having done it for an (admittedly brief) period, I don't think I want to live alone.

It didn't really bother me over such a short time, but I could definitely see myself missing having people around to talk to. While my cats are great listeners, they don't offer much in terms of feedback. Living alone, I realized that I might have to go a few days at a time with little more than cordial, largely superficial conversations, until I have a chance to sit down with one of my closer friends. Frankly, that doesn't appeal to me much. While I could do it, I think maybe I'd rather deal with the potential inconveniences of having a room mate in exchange for always having someone around.

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