Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Death of Easy Gaming

As a baseball fan and nominal video gamer, I try and buy a baseball video game every year. For the past few years I have been buying 2KSports' MLB games. Everyone has told me that The Show is a much better game all round, but The Show is PS3 only. I do own a PS3, but it's connected to a shared TV that gets a lot of use. I also vastly prefer the general Xbox interface, and all my gaming friends use Xbox Live. As a result, I never buy PS3 games, which has always extended to baseball games.

This year however, MLB 2K13 is by all accounts the same game as 2K12 with some roster updates. It was one thing to pay $60 per year for a mediocre game, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay $60 twice for the same damn mediocre game. I walked to BestBuy with the full intention of buying 2K13, and walked out with The Show 13 instead.

I've been playing it for about an hour now (after spending a half hour installing and updating, only on the PS3) and everything I heard about The Show was true. The game is far more complex, realistic, and representational of real baseball, making 2K12 (and presumably 2K13) look like a relic. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether it's actually more fun.

What I liked about the 2K series was that it was easy to play. The controls were pretty simple, and people could pick up the game, play me, and actually pose a challenge. With the complexity of The Show comes a steeper learning curve. The controls are complicated and, in my opinion, less intuitive. It will take a while to master, at which point I imagine it will be much more fun.

I used to be a pretty big gamer in high school and the first couple of years of my undergrad, but I've really fallen away from it the past few years. These days 95% of what I play is Call of Duty, sports games, and simple games on my phone. I buy maybe 3 or 4 new releases each year, and I barely touch some of them. I think part of that is maturity and part of it is not having a lot of time for games. But I wonder if some of it has to do with how complicated every game seems to be these days. I can't pick up and play most games; there is a ton to learn and a ton to keep aware of at any given time. I don't regret buying The Show, but I definitely miss the simplicity of the video gaming past. Which I guess is a little odd given how openly I embrace complex technology throughout the rest of my life.

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