Saturday, April 13, 2013

Endless Youth

I subscribe to the Calvin and Hobbes Daily RSS feed for two reasons. First of all, Calvin and Hobbes is pure brilliance. Second of all, it holds huge nostalgic value for me. I had all the Calvin and Hobbes collections as a child, and I read the comic every morning in the Toronto Star, until the comic ended. I was unbelievably sad when it stopped running. Even though I've read them all many times, I still enjoy seeing the comic pop up each day in my RSS feed. For me, Calvin and Hobbes holds up like no other literary work.

One of the things I love about Calvin is that he is the ideal of childhood. Mischievous, but also imaginative, trusting, curious, and strangely vulnerable, Calvin represents everything I wanted to be as a kid. Even though I started reading the comic when I was approximately the same age as Calvin is in the strip, he remains the six year old in my mind in every way. Calvin doesn't, can't, grow up. So it came as somewhat of a strange shock to see that date in today's comic. That suggests that Calvin was already 6 years old when I was born! I always knew, of course, that Watterson had been writing the comic since before I was born, but Calvin's age was never rooted in a number for me like that. It made me strangely sad to think that he might be older than me.

It'll pass, and he'll return to 6 years old in my mind, and I'll continue to love seeing those pop up in my feed each day, but it was definitely an odd feeling.

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