Saturday, April 6, 2013

On Drunken Idiots

I went to my first Jays game of the year last night. It was fantastic: 45,000 people came out to boo John Farrell and the Red Sox. The crowd was louder than any Jays game I've ever been to, and it was a fantastic time, which is odd because the rest of this post is probably going to end up a negative rant.

As great as the crowd was when they were into the game, they also were a fucking nightmare the rest of the time. Apparently, dozens of people thought it would be hilarious to throw paper airplanes from the upper deck and try and hit the field. Why people think it is fun to throw things on the field, and why people go to games when they're apparently more interested in cheering on said airplanes than the team on said field is something I'll never understand. I get that there will always be a few drunken jackasses who do stupid shit and ruin things for everyone, but there were literally dozens of them.

Speaking of not paying attention to the game on the field, I realize that I'm far from the first on this bandwagon, but can we please stop with the fucking wave? It's beyond stupid and pointless, and serves to do nothing but annoy those who actually want to watch the game. I don't understand the attraction the stupid wave has to begin with, and I don't understand why some people are so absolutely determined to start it. Nothing makes me happier, though, than watching their attempts fail miserably.

Unfortunately the problems with the crowd don't end with the wave. Every big game there seem to be fights breaking out among the drunken bros in the crowd. Is this a thing now? Do people think it's cool to go to the games, get drunk on $12 beers, and start fights? I do not understand this at all. I'd like to think this happens all over MLB, but I honestly worry that it's a Toronto problem more than most.

Of course, they all seem to be fuelled by the drunk-off-one-beer sorority-rejects. I don't want this to come off wrong, so let me be very clear: they make up a small minority of the women attending Jays games. Most women are there to have a good time, whether actually watching the game or not, without trying to make themselves the show. However, there always seem to be a few of the former in every section. They pay zero attention to the game until JP Arencibia or Brett Lawrie come to the plate, at which point they shriek ear-piercingly for a few minutes, then tune the game back out again. They apparently have zero ability to hold any alcohol, and they spend the rest of the game egging on the drunken bros and trying to start shit, with varying degrees of success.

Every time I read about concession prices at most US ballparks, I get really annoyed that we pay 2-3 times more for beer in Toronto. However, then I go to actual games and realize that given that fans apparently can barely handle the 2-3 beers they can afford, I don't even want to think about how bad it would be if they were half the cost.

There were 45,000 people there, and 44,00 were probably there to quietly watch baseball. Unfortunately, that left 1,000 to be idiots and try and ruin it for the rest of us. I don't really know what the Rogers Centre should do about it either. It seems to me like it's a real problem, but they can't crack down on people drinking, and they can't stop people from legitimately having fun. What we need is for people to independently decide to stop being douchebags, I guess, but that seems unlikely. It may be a problem without a solution, sadly.

I like the product on the field enough that it doesn't ruin my experience, but not everyone loves baseball as much as I do. Hopefully as the season drags on it will get better, but I wouldn't count on it.

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