Thursday, April 18, 2013

Running a Relay On Your Own

I actually love my job. I love working with kids and even the teenagers. I love feeling like I've given something back to the communities I work in. I love feeling like I make a difference. I love the program I run, as embattled as it may be, particularly recently. However, there is no denying that it is a lonely job.

I work on my own. There is nobody who works directly with me who does my job, or anything related to my job, ever. I only ever communicate with other staff in Leading to Reading via email, and I only see them once or twice per year. It also just got a lot more lonely. My long-time supervisor, since I was a volunteer in this program in 2003, and a lovely person all round, announced last week that she is retiring at the end of next month. I'm dreading her departure; she is so good at her job that it makes mine infinitely easier. I'll also miss her on a personal level.

On top of that, the Site Monitor with whom I share a location (on different days), and the only one with whom I communicate with regularly, informed me that she's leaving in a couple of weeks as well. As far as I know, that makes me the only Site Monitor left east of Yonge with any significant experience, and possibly the only one left period. It's not a great feeling, being the last of your kind.

Days like this make it hard to get up the next morning. Thankfully, I'm on vacation next week. I need it.

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