Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Busy Summer

A few weeks ago, I was anxiously awaiting the release of the iSchool's summer timetable. I really, really wanted to get into four summer classes, and I needed to know if they would offer classes that are compatible with my work schedule. Part of the reason I was so determined to get into classes was because with four summer classes I can graduate at the end of December, and hopefully start working as a librarian early next year. However, I was also looking at the possible layoff until the fall, and wondering if I'd be able to maintain my sanity with that much free time.

I finished classes for the winter semester at the beginning of April, and with fall classes not beginning until September, I was looking at potentially five full months off of school. Five! There is no way I could sit at home for five months; I'm fairly confident that I would lose my damn mind. While I may not like some of the iSchool classes, they give me an excuse to leave the house and spend the day downtown, and the assigned work and the accompanying deadlines makes time seem to pass much faster.

Not to mention the social factor. I love my friends, but I don't have enough of them to spend five months with just them. The nature of my job means that I deal primarily with kids in high school, kids in grade school, and a little bit with parents (most of whom maintain a tenuous grasp on English); as a group they're not the greatest conversationalists. I don't interact with my coworkers much, so while I spend most of my days talking to people, it's not the same. School offers me a chance to chat with different people about different things (an opportunity I don't exploit nearly as much as I should, largely due to my crippling shyness, but it's better than nothing).

Thankfully, it looks like the summer schedule worked out for me; I got into four summer classes. It's far from ideal: I have class four days a week, and thanks to my work schedule I'll need to miss a lot of classes, which leaves me feeling a little like I'll be dancing through raindrops just to pass these classes, but it beats the hell out of staying home all day.

It also looks like I'll be picking up some extra hours at work, which I never anticipated, as I've been asked to take on an extra branch for the summer. With my counterpart at one of my other branches leaving, as I mentioned previously, I'll be picking up more administrative work there too, leaving me running nearly double the number of program hours, with only a few more hours of actual work time per week. I'm not complaining, as they're accommodating me in a number of other ways, but I anticipate that I'll be logging a bit of unpaid overtime this summer. At least I'll be busy, I guess.

It sure is a different reality that I'm facing than I had feared a few weeks ago.

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