Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finding a Balance

It's been nearly four months since the end of my vegan experiment, which is actually hard for me to believe; time has just absolutely flown by. I've actually been really pleased with the way things have stuck. I still eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables than I did last year, and I do it by choice. I still don't drink milk, and I'm using soy milk for my cereal each morning. And while I'm eating cheese again, I'm not relying on it to anywhere near the same degree as I did in the past.

The tradeoff, unfortunately, is that I feel like I'm relying far too much on soy these days. Even discounting the soy milk I have each morning, at least one of my meals each day seems to have a soy product in it. With increased scrutiny on my diet, as well as my continued drive to raise my fitness level to new heights, I've become a lot more conscious of making sure I get plenty of protein. As a vegetarian, my sources of protein are limited from the get go, and I double down on that problem by limiting my cheese intake. Peanut butter is great but not the most versatile ingredient and high in fat. So I find myself turning to the wide array of soy-based simulated meat products to fit some extra protein into my meals more than I ever did before.

I have no evidence that this is necessarily a bad thing, though I haven't really looked. I just don't like having so much of my diet so dependent on a single product, particularly a heavily processed one. I'm trying to start working in some Greek yogurt, which is high in protein, as another option, but like peanut butter, Greek yogurt isn't the most versatile. I don't really have an answer to the problem, and I'm not sure if there is one. For now, it's just a tightrope which I continue to walk.

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