Monday, June 3, 2013


I've been trying to work more cross-training into my workout routine. Running is great, but I feel like I should mix some other things in, on top of the running, to keep myself balanced. I've been doing some core exercises and a little bit of weight training for months, but now that the weather is nicer I'm trying to work in regular swimming and cycling.

I'm off Sundays, so it has kind of become my heavy workout day. I do my long runs on Sundays, and since I have the time I try and cycle too. This past Sunday, it poured with rain during the morning and early afternoon, but it cleared up in the late afternoon, so I decided to head out on my bike.

I usually bike along the lakefront and through the Rouge Valley. I like the scenery, and it's mostly free of cars, which is always nice. On Sunday, I was feeling good, so I decided to go a little further than I usually do and head through the valley behind UTSC. On the way back, I took an alternate path to avoid using the road. Coming down a hill, I rounded a corner, and discovered that the path was covered in about six inches of mud. Unable to grip the road, my bike slid out one way, and I went another way, sliding about five feet through mud.

Aside from a couple of nasty scrapes on my elbows, I was fine. I was also absolutely coated, head to toe, in mud. My bike, also covered in mud, had its chain come off and my front brakes were broken. I found a deep puddle and did my best to wash some of the mud off, reattached my chain, and attempted the approximately 10 km back home without front brakes.

Unfortunately, my route back took me along the waterfront, which was full of people on the now pleasant Sunday afternoon. Bleeding and covered in mud, I attracted a few stares. In retrospect, it was pretty funny, but at the time it was rather embarrassing. I'm just glad nobody saw me actually crash.

The worst damage came this morning. I had thought that my phone had survived the adventure, but apparently not. After my run, I dropped it into it's dock, but it didn't start to charge. The dock uses the POGO pins on the side, but it can occasionally be flaky, so I pulled out a microUSB cable, and plugged it manually. It still didn't start to charge, and after a couple of seconds, I smelled burning. Panicking, I pulled the cable. It looked fine, so I tried again. This time, smoke started to come out.

I don't know whether mud got in there, or the fall knocked something out, but one way or another, it's good and dead. It's really inconvenient, since I was hoping to hold out until October when a new Nexus device is announced. Now, I need to find another device to hold me over until then. In the meantime, I have an old flip phone. I already feel lost without my smartphone.

It hasn't been a good couple of days.

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