Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Did I Get Here?

I started work at UTSC this week. I'm still not entirely clear on what exactly I do; I understand the broad vision of my role, but the actual practical application seems to still be to be determined. What I did come to understand is exactly why I was brought on board.

I added this job to my LinkedIn page, and it really stood out to me that I have a very specific experience set. Somehow, without ever trying, I've become a relative expert in project administration, community engagement, and non-profit work. I don't know how I ended up here. I never tried to get into this industry, and I never made a concerted effort to channel my experience in this direction. I started as a Page nearly a decade ago because I wanted a decent, safe part-time job. My other relative skills (mostly being good at writing and talking, and adept with technology) opened up opportunities for me with other projects within the library system, most of which I did because they paid well. I eventually settled with Leading to Reading because I knew the job, I was comfortable doing it, and at that time I needed to settle somewhere.

I've worked in a number of different jobs now, but I haven't worked for a for-profit company since tenth grade, over a decade ago. My education is geared toward work in libraries, particularly public libraries. There is an excellent chance that I will never work anywhere but non-profit and government roles again.

This isn't a problem, I actually quite like what I do. It was just a bit of a stunning realization that , while I thought I was just meandering through life taking my time, it turns out I was gathering skills and experience which all pointed me in the same direction, I just wasn't looking.