Monday, December 2, 2013

One More Week

I finish school one week from today. It has been sixteen months since I had more than four weeks off school. The following is a list of things for which I am excited (immediate impact only) - my motivation for this last week:

  • Watching Canucks games: They usually start at 10 pm. I fall asleep halfway through.
  • Pleasure reading: I've read 3 books this year. That's pitiful.
  • Sleeping: 4:30 am wakeup calls are killing me. Oh, how I used to sleep. My bed is so lovely and soft and warm in the morning, and I wish to enjoy it again.
  • Playing with my toys: Since I have far more money than sense, there's a stack of things in my room that I've bought over the last few months and are awaiting my attention. It'll be like Christmas come early, only even better because I don't have to share with my brother.
  • Having days off: Apparently these are a thing? They sure sound nice.
  • Eating lunch: I keep forgetting!
Of course, there's also a list of reasons why I am terrified of being done school, but I wrote this list to forget that one.

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